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Q: What is Btc2x1?

A: Btx2x1.com  is an advertising platform that rewards our members in the form of a matrix.

Q: What  do I get for my 0.001 btc purchase?

A: You will receive 2500 text ads, 2500 468x60 banner ads and 2500 125 x125credited to your account.

Q: Can I earn without referrals?

A: Yes and no. Once you purhcase the Btc2x1 you can earn from sponsoring or spillovers for level 1.
If you do not recruit 2 pro members you may not progress through the remaining levels as our system places
members under their sponsor if available in the remaining levels. If a sponsor is not availble, our system
searches their upline to place the memnber..

Q: What payment processors do you accept?

A: We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin via Coinpayments.

Q: Is there a PIF plan?

A: Yes, you can pif anyone in your direct referrals link for just 0.001 btc per PIF.
This will give upgrade your referral member immediately. 

Q: What is the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts?

A: Minumum deposit is 0.001 btc.
Withdrawal minimum is 0.0012 btc with a 0.0004 btc withdrawal fee.
This is subject to change depending on processor fees

Q: Is there a Refund Policy?
A: Traditionally, our industry has a No Refund Policy. We will operate with a No Refund policy because of instant
commissions credited to our members.
Our program is very easy to earn with, refer two people and have them do the same and you will profit quickly.

Q: Can we stack accounts?

Yes, if you wish to purchase multiple positions under your main account by using another email address.

Q: What is the withdrawal minimum?

A: Minimum withdrawal is 0.0012 btc. We urge you to build up funds because there is a 0.0004 btc fee for all withdrawals enacted by coinpayments. This will come out of your withdrawal. so if you withdraw 0.0012 you willl receive 0.0008 btc because of fees.

Q: What matrix system do you offer?

A: The Btc2x1 program is a system of 12 levels of 2x1 matrices. This system is team/personally forced. You need to bring in 2 people under you to cycle the first level. You may receive spillover from you upline, but it is not guaranteed. Once you bring in two people, your referrals need to bring in 2 people and so forth for you to cycle through the levels.

Q: How does spillover work?

A: Spillover with our system works like this: When you bring in 2 people and cycle level 1, your next referral will go under one of the two people who are in your level 1. Our spillover acts as a 2x12 system ie 2x1 x 12 levels.